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VFC program and providers

The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program helps families of eligible children and adolescents who might not otherwise have access to vaccines. Those who are eligible for the VFC program may receive HPV vaccine at little or no cost from participating health care providers.

Children and adolescents through 18 years of age are eligible to receive VFC vaccine if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Medicaid eligible: The child has health insurance covered by a state Medicaid program.
  • Uninsured: The child has no health insurance coverage.
  • American Indian or Alaska Native
  • Underinsured: The child has health insurance, but it does not cover the vaccine(s) because the insurance: it does not cover any vaccines, only covers certain vaccines, or it covers vaccines, but it has a fixed dollar limit or cap for vaccines. Once that fixed dollar amount has been reached, your child is eligible.

Children and adolescents whose health insurance covers the cost of vaccinations are not eligible for VFC vaccines, even when a claim for the cost of the vaccine and its administration would be denied for payment by the insurance carrier because the plan’s deductible had not been met.

In North Carolina, the VFC program is part of the North Carolina Immunization Program. Visit the NC Immunization Branch’s website or call (919) 707-5550 for more information.

Click here to access frequently asked questions about HPV vaccination on this website.

Participating providers

Ask your daughter or son’s doctor if they are a VFC program provider. There are many health care providers enrolled in the VFC program in North Carolina. If your child or adolescent’s provider does not participate in the VFC program, you can take him or her to one of the following places to get VFC vaccines:

Click on the type of provider listed above to find one of these agencies in your area.

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Cervical cancer can be prevented through screening and HPV vaccination. This site aims to help connect women and girls who are uninsured or underinsured to free or low-cost screening and vaccination services available in North Carolina.
El cáncer cervical puede prevenirse con la vacuna contra el Virus del Papiloma Humano (VPH) y a través de la detección temprana con la prueba de Papanicolaou. Esta página de internet tiene el fin de ayudar a conectar a mujeres y niñas que no tienen seguro médico (o con un seguro que es insuficiente), con servicios de vacunación y pruebas de Papanicolaou gratuitos o de bajo costo disponibles en Carolina del Norte.
Free and low-cost cervical cancer screening (the Pap test) is available in North Carolina for women who qualify.
En Carolina del Norte hay pruebas de detección temprana del cáncer cervical (prueba de Papanicolaou) gratuitas, o de bajo costo, para las mujeres que cumplan con ciertos requisitos.
HPV vaccine is available for little or no cost in North Carolina for adolescents who qualify.
En Carolina del Norte la vacuna del VPH está disponible a bajo o ningún costo para los niños y las niñas que cumplan con ciertos requisitos.